Swimming Lessons Singapore - Learn to swim with SwimSG
Swimming Classes Singapore - Learn to swim with SwimSG

Swimming Classes Terms & Conditions

Bad weather & Safety Awareness
The swimming instructors or the pool management with us reserve the right to cancel or postpone the swimming lesson due to bad weather condition or lighting alert. Land drill exercise, activities or water safety theory may be conducted if the pool closed.

Before and after lessons
Parents and guardians are responsible for the well-being of their children and wards in the changing room and other areas of the Swimming Pool before and after lessons.

Unforeseen Circumstances
If there is any unforeseen circumstances or instructor is unavailable, we reserve the rights to assign a relief qualified swimming instructor to teach.

Fee Guideline
The fee is fixed for group classes, per month or per term basis and should be paid at the start on the first lesson of the month.

The fee charges is subjected for review from time to time.

All lessons must complete in a reasonable period of time. For individual lessons, 4 lessons to complete in 6 weeks time. If it is by per term basis, 5 lessons to complete in 8 weeks time, 7 lessons to complete in 11 weeks time,  or 10 lessons to complete in 15 weeks time.

The students and Parents will pay for their own entrance fee using EZ link card or by cash into the card dispenser machine to access. Singaporean and PR can use ActiveSG to access the Public Swimming Complex.

Students should give at least 2 weeks notice in advance if intend to end.

Days / Timings / Venue
We reserve the right to change timing, days and venue of the lessons.

Each swimming instructor will take diligent care in ensuring your children safety but that does not apply if the children wilfully disobey the instructor instruction and act on his own wish during practice. SwimSG and our instructors, officers or agents will not held liable for all claims that can arise in any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and it includes all cost with expenses that may be incurred as a result of such claims.

Swimming Attires
Students should equip with the necessary swimming suit, swimming trunk for boy and goggle. Alternatively, students can purchase the goggle from our swimming instructors.

Fee paid is not refundable.

Conversion (For setting in smaller group or individual classes)
If conversion from smaller group or individual lesson to bigger group during the course, fee will be pro-rate accordingly once find suitable.

Public Holiday And Make Up
For all standard group swimming packages there is no make up classes at all circumstances even for public holiday, raining days. There is no make up lesson as well if students fall sick.  It will be considered as one lesson taken. Note : Public holiday may consider as one lesson taken although no classes will be conducted on that day for group lesson. If instructor on holiday cannot make it, there will be make up classes.

For individual or semi individual lessons,  4 lessons complete in 6 weeks time or 8 lessons complete 12 weeks time. In this calculation for 4 lessons setting, maximum allowance of make up classes for individual or semi individual lessons by client requests will be 2 times (Equivalent applied).

Coaches have the right to reschedules classes if he/she has an emergency to attend, on holiday or sick etc. If coaches request to reschedule classes, there will be make up lesson.

Data, Video and Photo
By providing personal data during registration, you authorise SwimSG and/or Offeror and their agents/service providers, on your behalf and on behalf of each relevant person, to collect, use, process and disclose personal data provided, for the purposes of implementing and administering the scheme.

By attending SwimSG classes, you consent to the use of your photograph, voice, likeness or image being captured on photographs or video or audio recordings. Such photographs and recordings may be published or used in SwimSG’s internal and external publications, websites and other communication channels.

Each individual coaches has the right to establish additional terms and conditions with the clients.
Swimming Instructor reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.

No cancellation of arranged classes in the nick of time.

Monitoration / Accompany by Parents
Kids that are playful, very small size or very fear of water may require to monitor closely for safety, fee will be higher and one parent or helper may be needed to accompany in the water. Usually parent or helper just stay at the side of the pool. In case the child wants to visit the toilet, parent can bring them there safely and back.

Swimming Lessons Singapore - Learn to swim with SwimSG

Question 1 : Why is smaller group size swimming classes better for my Children ?
We recommend parents to take up smaller group  swimming classes for beginner as more attention can be given especially if kids have fear in water.  If the child progressed to intermediate and advance level, bigger group are more suitable as they need moltivation from peers.

Question 2 : Why do I need to do ATM or Internet-Transfer of partial fee first ?
We have a few scenarios where parents were asking for swimming lessons in the nearby swimming complex. After we have gathered a group to start the lessons as soon as we can, some turned out to be non-genuine enquiries. Due to insufficient numbers of participants, the classes were not formed. We need to apologize to our instructors for allocated their time. ATM or Internet-Transfer of fee required. Please use unique name. Keep us informed when done. POSB : 421-60959-4

Question 3 : Why there is no freebies at start ?
The core services are coaching swimming. Get the best support and services from our qualified instructor, instead of getting the freebies and compromise with the service standard.

SwimSG.com - Swimming Lessons Test Singapore Ang Mo Kio

Question 4 : How long does it take for my child to acquire swimming technique ?
Your child will learn at his own pace, you will see the improvement during the classes.

Question 5 : Why is adult fee more expensive than children ?
Normally adults will learn faster than children because they can understand better on the  instruction given by the coach. After completion of the 10 lessons, 99% adults are able to swim.

Question 6 : If my children fall sick, is there a replacement class or reimbursement ?
For our group classes, fee is fixed as per month basis, it is up to the instructor discretion for replacement. Normally by rules there is no replacement or make up for classes if missed. There is no replacement or make up classes even raining and pool closed, but some coaches have multiple timings in one pool so maybe flexible. For individual, semi-individual, small group (3 in 1), possible more flexibility can be given.

Question 7 : Is there a swimming lessons on the fifth week ?
Group classes is by 4 lessons as per month basis. If there is a fifth week within the month, usually there is no lesson. Some instructors may use the fifth week as a make-up class if one of his classes is cancelled by him within the month.

Baby Toddlers kids Swimming lessons Singapore

Swimming lessons Adults senior citizens using Special Floats

Swimming lessons for girls stroke correction

SwimSG.com - Swimming Lessons Singapore

Holiday Swimming Lessons

Fee : $250 / $320 / $370 for 10 sessions
Holiday vacation intensive swimming lessons at Hougang, Sengkang Anchorvale, Bedok, Bishan, Woodlands, Tampines, Serangoon, Pasir Ris, Jurong, Punggol, Clementi, Yishun and Delta Swimming Pool are conducted on March, June, September, December during the school holiday. Children and adults will have a good work-out and at the same time pick up a new skill that is beneficial for a life-time with good recommended coach. East West learn to swim classes in Singapore for senior citizen and teenage in preparation for serving the NS are welcomed.

Group Swimming Classes

Fee : $80 / $100 / 110 per month 4 classes
Group swimming classes for children are conducted at north and south of Singapore swimming complex by qualified Instructors for cheaper option. Weekday training is much more conductive than weekend as the pool is less crowded. Maximum number of students in one group classes are capped at 10 pupils. Smaller group classes can be better at a value-added service and premium fee with greater attention and support to deliver a wonderful experience in your swimming lessons Singapore

Private Swimming Lessons

Fee : Negotiable
Condominium Small Group Swimming lessons for kids, toddlers, adults are conducted around Singapore for weekday and weekend. Qualified coaches will be available to teach at your preferred private pool close to your house in the morning, afternoon or evening. Ladies female instructors and family swimming can be arranged as well. Timing is at your convenience. Beginner SwimSafer, advance SSPA or Lifesaving lifeguard swimming programmes are available to take up.

SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming toddlers kids Adults
Question :June & Roland Lee

Can my 4 years old beginner daughter starts learn swimming at Bishan swimming pool ?

Yes average 4, 5 years old kids start joining smaller group or group swim classes. For more details on customised teaching or to overcome fear of water, recommend individual classes for best results. 6,7,8 years old swimming classes also available.
Testimonial :Joe & Cynthia

My son used to have fear in swimming & we worried one day if he fell into the pool accidentally, might not survive. I am surprised after a few lessons at yio chu kang swimming pool, instructor Victor helped my son to overcome his fear and addressed our concern. We thank him for coaching my son to swim.
Question :Eric & Mary Tong

Can recommend a swimming coach for my wife & myself at hougang ?

Yes let me know your convenient times and places to swim. If the time is off busy hour, our qualified coaches or myself can take up and provide good teaching. Never too late to swim.
Testimonial :Lawrence Ang

I worked in the air conditioned office for many years and now retired, poor in health. After i signed up for swimming classes at woodlands pool with coach Steven, my health improved greatly and i thank steven for fine tuning my lessons to suit me. I greatly recommend SwimSG swimming lessons.

SwimSG.com - Swimming Lessons Singapore kids adults ladies
Testimonial :Ahmad & Azlisya

I approached many coaches for my 3 years old kids swimming lessons. Most said too young and can't take in. I happened to speak to Coach Steven at Jalan Besar Swimming Pool. He has many different custom-made floats catering for young kids. During his classes, my daughter was able to gain more confident in swimming through floats custom-made to her size.
Question :John & Nancy

Please help, I signed up an inexperienced coach at Sengkang in a group of 10 pupils for 3 months and my son show no progress. In every lessons the coach only attended to my child 3 times in that hour ?

Can join smaller group or individual classes with experienced qualified coach. Fee slightly higher.
Testimonial :Suresh & Rajes

My wife and I just came from india and very scare of water. We did an online search and found SwimSG. Coach Alvin was assigned to us at Jurong. He is kind and professional in teaching us to swim. In about 3 months time, we were surprised that all our fear has clear and we able to enjoy the sports that help us to relax after a day work.
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming Lessons most fun and games
We don't compete in fee. We compete with quality & good services. We value our customers, take note of feedback. Details and follow up are made known to our students before start.
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming Lessons at condo pool Singapore
Kids swimming lessons at condo pool in Singapore. Learn at your private swimming pool.

Lifeguard service also available for private events in Singapore
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming Lessons for baby
Swimming Lessons for babies (toddlers) in Singapore
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming Lessons Achievement Bronze
Student Achieved Bronze swimming certification of SwimSafer.
Question :Raymond & May

Can i request for lady coach ?

Yes, but lady coach fee is higher. In fact, there are nothing complicated for man or lady teaching. Start students holding by the side of the wall, kicking. After kick with a board. Later smaller floats and finally able to swim. Questions and concerns are always addressed.
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming Lessons Heavy Weight
Swimming lessons for heavy weight adults in Singapore
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming classes ladies adults
Swimming classes for ladies adults and senior citizen (retiree) in Singapore
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming classes kids toddlers baby
Swimming classes for kids toddlers and baby
SwimSG.com - Singapore Swimming strokes correction lessons
Singapore Swimming stroke correction. SwimSG incorporate in Republic of Singapore. Poly Swimming classes also available.
Question :Xavier and Melody

I interested in 2-1 semi-individual classes at Tampines Swimming Pool, can recommend a good coach ?

Yes for semi-individual classes we can recommend a good coach to teach. After if more confidents can join group lessons.
Question :Richmond and Lynn

Is Hougang or Sengkang Swimming Pool better for my kids to swim during weekend ?

Hougang Pool has longer teaching pool for children. Sengkang Pool half of it is sheltered, less exposure to sunlight but colder. Depend on your needs.
Question :Jovan and sofia

Pasir Ris Swimming Pool weekend will it be crowded for swimming lesson ?

Weekday is less crowded but if coming for group lessons mostly on weekend. Weekday more for individual swimming classes for kids and adults
Question :Daniel and Carmen

Do i need to pay for entrance at Serangoon Swimming Pool for swimming lessons ?

Can use activesg for entry or can buy a monthly unlimited pass at a concession rate. Birth cert for activesg may be required for verification during registration for children.